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Arjun and Cassidy

Arjun and Cassidy

Indian Wedding in Delhi '15

Wedding in Delhi, 2015

What I learned this morning?

Log 05.31.2015, 6:00-6:30 AM, Roorkee​, India, Near Roorkee Railway Station Roorkee​.
What I learned this morning:
"Where are you going post these photos?"
"What good is that? How beneficial is that?"
"You can take any pictures. Sure, please go ahead. But please make sure, we do not look all that bad. Like, we all only live on the streets."
"I am not here on the streets on my volition. It is destiny."


Earlier in the week, overheard at the jury selection:
"Without collaborative evidence, I do not trust people recounting events. Years ago, I completely misidentified the person who shot me during a hunting accident. It came out later in the trial."
"People completely change their accounts of what had happened. I can say this from experience in a car accident, when I lived in Ireland."
"I live with pain, but I am not sure all medical procedures are necessary or do any long term good. I prefer constantly living with pain rather trust all the medical procedures."
"As a radiologist, I know how unnecessary medical procedures are often performed."
"I would prefer a doctor's second opinion."
"My husband has a job interview tomorrow, he has been without work for a while. I do not think I can pay all the attention needed, if I am selected as a jury."

#SaveHouston, a short science fiction movie

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