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I will keep posting new books, as I read them now. New music and DVDs, as I discover. No old favorites added except maybe, Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Only books and music read after August, 2007. August 2007 is the baseline Entirely to expand our horizons and share literary and cultural ideas. Average of 1-2 recommendations every month. Only brief (1-2 sentences) reviews - no endorsements.

    by Daniel Yergin

    A must read for anyone who thinks Iraq, Sudan, and other conflicts have had nothing to do with oil and spreading democracy is the new mantra. Daniel Yergin’s Pulitzer Prize winning history of oil industry traces “the epic quest for oil, money, and power”.

  • The Economist

    For god sake, please read some world-class, non-American publications, even if you love “The New York Times”, or “Washington Post”, or “Chicago Tribune”. Nobody writes like “The Economist” does, week after week.

  • India Today International

    The most well-written English magazine for India. It is India’s “The Economist”. Maybe, you want to understand the Indian psyche for your new out-sourcing contract.