BBC Radio Five Live - South Asian earthquake

logo.gifI was with a panel of people discussing South Asian earthquake on BBC Radio Five Live. Please listen to Pod and Blogs - Asian Earthquake (also through All BBC Radio Science). Act upon it in ways you see fit - It is not only a South Asian problem but a third world problem too. Some of them were Pakistani bloggers and you could sense their anxiety and loss. I want to also salute private Pakistani samaritans on the ground and expats (for example, sepoy at chapati mystery is raising money) for their efforts.

Even for rest of the world, the stability of the South Asia, and continuing war on terrorism requires that there is a push for smart long-term disaster planning, preparation, and wide-spread awareness. I also see people are now talking about the corrosive role of corruption in South Asia and how it plays havoc in earthquakes at openDemocracy.