A child in Himalayas - How will she fight Generalissimo Winter?

hotaru1.jpgHow will a child in Himalayas survive when the cruel winter sets in a few weeks? It reminds me of the Isao Takahata's Japanese anime masterpiece, "Grave of the Fireflies" about two orphans trying to survive WW-II after they realise they are on their own. Will that child starve or beg or steal or freeze after everything she lost due to the Kashmir earthquake?

At times, I think India and Pakistan Government are not still able to see beyond their traditional grandstanding and in the coming weeks, the situation will become more fragile. Their intentions and efforts are sincere but not bold. Who will get hurt the most, the future of South Asia - the children. Can we do something? Please donate. Just give her a little help, she will bounce back.

gallery.girl.afp-1.jpgMillions of children in Kashmir are going to face a new enemy - Generalissimo Winter. Act now. Please donate.