Let us see what Iraqis have to say

How do I learn about Iraq?- I read The New York Times, The Economist, read an American soldier blog in Iraq, and read dispatches from American soldiers for limited audience. All of them have their own filters. How about an Iraqi?  Nobody has more at stake at Iraq than an Iraqi, it is their homeland.

 This is what Hasan writes:

What is done is done. It won't do anything to discuss whether the American invasion of Iraq was right or not. We can only go on from here, the question is how do we go on. I know many Iraqis are going to disagree, Najma will be the first, American liberals will too. I know I have objected to what the US is doing in Iraq now. But I will object too if they leave now, guess I am hard to satisfy after all. [Link]

Let us please patiently listen to them.  They deserve that. Also, there is this 17 year old girl from Mosul - Najma, she has got lot of spunk. I guess she has seen a lot in her life at a very young age. At that age, I could not have not written so clearly and eloquently. That is how she introduces herself:

My name is not Najma, and I'm not going to tell you my real name, 'cause I don't want to get killed. I hope that I will one day be able to use my name, since I'm really hating Najma for getting all the credit!

Her description of herself is as true and heartfelt as it gets.