George Best: When a real great man dies, we all mourn

26best.1841.jpgWhile I was working today, I listened to BBC Radio Player - Sport on Five: George Best tribute. It is very heart warming tribute by his family, friends, and himself for a gentle soul, a genius - yes, a pure genius, and a foolish genius. Please go there and listen, I urge you. His peer from Republic of Ireland and Leeds midfielder Johnny Giles described Best as "the most naturally gifted player I have ever seen."

"He had the lot: balance, pace, two good feet, he was brave, strong and a good header of the ball."

"Pele wasn't as gifted as George Best and I would definitely put George above Johan Cruyff because he had more heart," said Giles.[Link]

And from a common man: "I cried when he left United and I cried again today,'' said supporter Lawrence Chapple-Gill.  "I have supported United since I was four or five when my dad gave me a poster of George Best and told me all about him.'' [Link]

He was not only a genius. He was a fantastic bloke. However, in his words: "I spent a lot of my money on booze (alcohol), birds (women) and fast cars. The rest I just squandered,'' he once wryly observed. [Link]


''Pele called me the greatest footballer in the world,'' Best once said. ''That is the ultimate salute to my life.'' [Link]

Quite a few thought he was the greatest with a great heart. A quote from BBC Five Live - People like George Best never die - how often does anyone get such a tribute? El Beatle.