Apathy, Road Chaos, Hope, Samaritans: Land of Contradictions in India

Recently, I read two very different first-person stories told by the same person about a person left dying on the road due to road chaos in Delhi and subsequent total indifference by the fellow men on the street and her Samaritan efforts. Then a few days later, she noticed men going out of the way to help each other after the Delhi bomb attack - a huge contradiction that is India seen through her eyes within a span of few days.

India, in spite of its thousands of years of culture, and deep familial ties, she can be at times be very apathetic, indifferent to fellow beings and strangers on a day to day basis. Perhaps, that is the way people internalize themselves to their own harsh struggles and struggles of the population that is beneath them in economics and luck. It could also be survival instinct when the society as a whole is struggling for resources. I hope with the new economic boom and the upward mobility of fair amount of population will bring sense of ingrained welfare and responsibility for fellow human beings.

Only then, India will strive toward becoming a full, vibrant liberal democracy.