The Khan of Khans - Badshah Khan

khan.gifWe forget that one of the greatest apostle of peace and non-violence was a Pashtun named, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan, also known as Badshah Khan (meaning Khan of Khans or King of Khans). He created the largest army of non-violent soldiers in the world.

Badshah Khan, a Pathan of the former Northwest Frontier Province of India (today, the Taliban of Afghanistan), raised an army of 100,000 unarmed "Servants of God" and later became one of Gandhi's closest companions. Khan and his followers endured a great deal of persecution and imprisonment under the oppressive British rule, thus challenging the myth that passive resistance always works for those who are already peaceful. Though Khan was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984, far too few people are aware of the man who was known as the "Frontier Gandhi." [Link]

It was talking to Badshah Khan, Mahatma Gandhi said, “Non-violence is not for cowards. It is for the brave and the courageous. And the Pathans are more brave and courageous than the Hindus. That is the reason why the Pathans were able to remain non-violent.” [Link]

Please read more about him - It will be challenge your pre-conceived notions about history and religion.