Thoughts of the Day-3

12AM.jpg.jpgJuror #8: It's very hard to keep personal prejudice out of a thing like this. And no matter where you run into it, prejudice obscures the truth. Well, I don't think any real damage has been done here. Because I don't really know what the truth is. No one ever will, I suppose. Nine of us now seem to feel that the defendant is innocent, but we're just gambling on probabilities. We may be wrong. We may be trying to return a guilty man to the community. No one can really know. But we have a reasonable doubt, and this is a safeguard which has enormous value to our system. No jury can declare a man guilty unless it's SURE. We nine can't understand how you three are still so sure. Maybe you can tell us.

The above quote is from a classic movie "12 Angry Men". Quite often, I put "Thoughts of the Day" - they maybe a profound idea, a political comment, or pure humor -on something that connects to me at that moment. Older thoughts of the day are here, and here. These are my thoughts or me presenting someone else's in a creative journey - no preaching.