Bravo!! Mahabharta redux as a spoof

250px-Krishna_giridhar3.jpgIf you look up at Wikipedia (or anything similar), Mahabharta is considered to be one of the greatest epics - four times longer than the Bible and seven times longer than the Iliad and Odyssey combined. It looms large on the psyche of South Asia for thousands of years and even beyond for the likes of Robert Oppenheimer. Mahabharta is about brothers against brothers, the righteous life, duty, moral dilemmas, and compelling story-telling.

Recently, I read Aashray's spoof on Mahabharta. She brings in modern day, western, as well as popular cinema culture sensibilities to a timeless story from India. It is incredibly addictive and worth reading. For those who still do not know what Mahabharta is about, let me in her words:

Vyasa calls Ganapati.
Ganapati: "Hello?"
Vyasa: "Hello this is Vyasa. I am looking for somebody to write a book for me. Brahma said you would be willing to help me out?"
Ganapati: "That depends on what your book is about."
Vyasa: "The two main pillars of the book are sex and violence."
Ganapati: "So when do we start?" [Link]

And so it came to pass, the great epic called Mahabharata.

Read, go read her spoof......... Bravo, thumbs up. Over there.

Via Gaurav Sabnis. Please be aware of Aashray's copyright statement. The picture in the post is from Bhaktivedanta Book Trust