Devanagari script and avant-garde

Hindi is written in Devanagari script. My name in Devanagari script is कुश (first name). I cannot get the translator to spell my last (family) name correctly. Man, this blog has writings, drawings, and now is bilingual. I will now write bilingual stories and drawings. It will be an avant-garde blog that likes to talk about oil and gas politics and earthquakes from time to time. Sometimes, I showcase USA to rest of the world. Sometimes, I showcase India. Sometimes, I showcase myself.

Maybe, I will also write blasphemous stuff now. Already, writing Hindi using a roman alphabet keyboard is a riot. Let's start with....

अक लढहि, अक लद्का। तू मैर्य हो (One girl, one boy. You are mine)। बहूत बूरा (Very bad). Very bad indeed, the phonetic translator is not working for me right नओ (now), so humor yourself if you know Hindi and English. There is already a start for a Bollywood script. My written Hindi is coming out as though some colonial like Tom Alter would sound anglicized in a bollywood movie. Hindi is my mother tongue but I am just being dyslexic. Trust me, I speak chaste Hindi.