Deepak Does Huffington

Deepak Chopra, a spiritual guru and a marketing genius has a team blog, intentBlog which is the Asian and Indian version of The Huffington Post. The man has the finger on the pulse...........with the line-up of the 20-30 bloggers are the South Asian who's who. Notable bloggers are: Shekhar Kapur,Nandita Das, and the usual A-list. He is tapping into South Asian celebrity talent but they are casting a much wider net on topics and readership pool beyond South Asia. The posts are well-written and topical. I only read a piece or two by Shekhar Kapur and Nandita Das and they are pretty good and bold. Here is a sample from Shekhar Kapur. I do not know enough about their blog to say whether they are just touchy-feely or will continue to make thought provoking posts. They describe themselves as:

"The goal of is to present original voices on and from Asia and India to inspire, stimulate and engage a dialogue about new paradigms of creativity, communication, and fulfillment. World renowned author, Deepak Chopra MD, and internationally acclaimed film maker, Shekhar Kapur, are the founders of INTENT[About]."

Then they are also the lone voices - a lots and lots of them, equally eloquent and powerful. At some level, individual bloggers are more creative with more freedom to experiment and express.

I have been scooped on their link to The Huffington Post by Deepak himself, and others too. Am slow. Do not credit me, but DesiPundit.