9/ 11 and Hurricane Katrina

ribbon_blk.gifWhen 9/ 11 occurred, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor at University of Louisiana (Lafayette) for a year. One of the classes I taught that fall semester of 2001 was Freshmen Earth Science that had about 200 students. I still remember that I had about dozen students coming to the class day later or calling me  – crying. I was not even their undergraduate advisor or anything like that. Just a professor in one of their classes. It was quite moving to see the pain of the young students. The sombre mood of these young people stayed for the whole semester. Some of them were National Guards, ROTC, pre-meds, pre-law, and some English majors. Some of them were African-Americans, Anglo-Americans, Asian-Americans, and quite a few them were not even Americans.

Please be kind to New Orleans and Louisiana and be empathic – they were. It does not matter what your race, faith, and political leanings are.

Over 100 countries have pledged support for Hurricane Katrina.

Courtesy: The black ribbon image is from Google.