I could not delete this email

jazz.jpgI belong to a number of literary Yahoo groups, and one of them sent me this email. I just could not delete it even though I have never met Kalamu Ya Salaam.

Please see if you can help. The email reads as follows.People,

Some of you may be familiar with Kalamu Ya Salaam,
others may not. He is a child of New Orleans,
unofficial cultural ambassador to the place who
introduced me to the city in a way that few others
can. He is a musician, a theater maker from the days
of the Free Southern Theater of the civil rights
movement days, a writer in nearly every genre known to
humanity, a tireless organizer, and a video maker. In
New Orleans, he used to lead a community of writers
and digital video creators, run a music show on WWOZ,
and has been a tremendous friend and inspirer to
countless artists. He is also the organizer of e-drum,
a mailing list with resources for black writers and
supporters of literature.

Today he and his wife are refugees in Houston.

Please check the following link, and if you work at a
college, a festival anywhere, a library, or a writing
program please think of inviting Kalamu. His appeal

For an example of the work he does, check out the
website Breath of Life that focuses on black music, a
conversation between him and his son, two generations,
featuring and discussing classic, contemporary and
cover music. His work

And here is a page with his work: Listed in detail

Thanks, all!

Save the people, Save the animals, Save the jazz.

Acknowledgments: Image from http://www.ejazz.com.br/images/destaque/jazz.jpg