How a daughter deals with grief?

Last week, at Sago mine in West Virginia, a dozen miners died. Here is a letter written to God by the daughter of one of the dead miners.

Jesse's daughter, Katelyn, has tried to make sense of what happened. She wrote a letter to God:


"My daddy was very special to me. I know everything happens for a reason. You just needed my daddy to fill up an empty space in your beautiful garden. My dad was so young, and had a young daughter that loved him very much. God, all I'm trying to say is please take good care of my dad. Tell him every day and night I love him so much. I will too, but you will too, right? He means everything to me. I love you God and I have never forgot that you are still in charge. I do understand why you did what you did. I love you daddy and God. Amen." [Link]

Irrespective of your faith and persuasion, pray for them. 

Note: The letter is originally from Yahoo News.