This ain’t easy

Badmash tagged me for Four Fings. I wish he knew this ain't easy for someone who described himself like "Forrest Gump" on his former PhD advisor's web page. Anyhow, I will try with special notes attached:

4 Jobs that have left me demented or influenced
1) Graduate Student: I was a graduate student for so long that it was a "tenured" job for me at one point of my life...collecting degrees from different Universities on different continents.
2) Oil Man: I had been briefly an oil man, and therefore, my obsession with energy politics.
3) Seafarer: In 1995, I spent 2 months in the Alboran Sea (Western Mediterranean) on a drill ship. I have crossed the Straits of Gibraltar, and the fearsome North Sea (it was surprisingly calm during our underway). I still remember the sea storm of May, 18, 1995 in the Tyrrhenian Sea (Mediterranean).
4) Academic Rat: Between Visiting Assistant Professor and various Research Positions, I feel comfort in the Ivory Tower, and at coffee houses. Coffee houses like Beanery are special. Keeps me young, and alert - nothing wrong with that.

4 Movies I could recommend to anyone
1) Lawrence of Arabia (Hollywood)
2) Breaker Morant (non-Hollywood)
3) Millennium Actress (Japanese-Anime)
4) Kaagaz Ka Phool (Indian)

4 Places, I've lived and also linger in my memory
1) Roorkee, India (hometown)
2) Ithaca, NY, USA
3) Baton Rouge, LA, USA
4) Austin, TX, USA
Note: They have been other places too. Cannot include Corvallis, OR, USA as I live there currently.

4 TV Shows, I may remember
1) X-files
2) HBO
3) History Channel
4) Discovery Channel
Note: I have not had TV/ cable since 2000, therefore I am outdated. I foucs on channels rather than programs. How about that?

4 Vacations, I will always remember
1) Rajasthan, India
2) Edinburgh, Scotland
3) Andalucia, Southern Spain
4) Okavango Delta, Botswana

4 Foods, I enjoy
1) Sushi
2) Ethiopian
3) North Indian, home-cooked
4) Cajun

4 Place I'd rather be
1) Himalayas - where earth meets the sky
2) in the Bush in Southern Africa zening with the lions and wild dogs
3) Andalucia, Southern Spain
4) Edinburgh, Scotland

4 Sites, I can always vouch for other than Playboy
1) The New York Times (I have been reading their site since the earliest days of the net, even when I am in India or anywhere on the earth)
2) Asian Writing Club (I have been part of them for a while. They are a real, grassroots level but a personal, small-scale effort)
3) (I just joined them very recently)
4) Sepia Mutiny (Gotta keep track of Michael Jacksonification of South Asian Diaspora. Lively discussion always with lot of passion and cultural angst)

4 Bloggers to whom I'm giving some homework (do the same Four Fings)
1) Ms. Aranyi
2) Ms. Evenstar
3) Ms. Jinal Shah
4) Anyone..........anyone who visits this blog and wants to take up the challenge. Please let me know through comments.