Once a while I only showcase

Once a while, I only showcase an issue or somebody's work. Usually, it is done with minimal introduction, analysis, copy a part of the text and a link. I get decent traffic and I want that person or issue a wider exposure through me. It is my way of making a small difference.

If you walk around the world, it is full of brainless hacks, jaded, and lacking imagination and that make us a little bit pessimistic.

But then, you do see a person a who has passion about something and full of hope. They are the ones who will make the difference. Let me please introduce you Sri, as a medical student from US who last year worked with Tibetan refugees in Bangalore (India) - his ancestral home and birth place. Without much ado, let me present a small piece written by Sri and a link to his complete article.

Sri's words in italics.

If a monk can show so much concern for the fate of a fly surely we can muster up enough courage to stop the death of those dying needlessly in front of our eyes. As my short month came to an end it became obvious that in this historical moment the requirements of being a real deal effective doctor goes up hundredfold.

Doctors must understand structural inequality and their underpinnings. We must understand the politics of funding projects, where the money comes from and where it is being funneled towards, and to what end? We must start one on one, patient by patient and expand out to include so many things we never thought were medicine. Poverty, race, class. World Bank funding practices. If only out of necessity, because our patients' lives depend on it. We must tell the stories again and again of who died and what commitment financial or otherwise could have prevented it. We must understand who is vulnerable and why? Who becomes sick and why? We must strive to be doctors and advocates. Doctors and organizers. Doctors and policy makers. Doctors and journalists.

Note: I found him through Sepia Mutiny and obviously Saheli - She finds good people.