Let's keep our fingers crossed - Earthquake risk

From The Telegraph of India:

Quake code

New Delhi, Feb. 3 (PTI): The Centre today informed the Supreme Court that it is planning to implement a national building code to ensure safety of structures from earthquakes in urban areas. [Link]

Let's keep our fingers crossed. Keep an eye on those corrupt contractors and enforcement officials. It puts the every kid of South Asia in peril. Keep the pressure on. Link the Telegraph article wherever you can. If you live in Pakistan and Nepal, ask your government to enforce building codes for earthquake risk.

Millions of South Asians (in India, Nepal, and Pakistan) live under the constant threat of Himalayan blunder - another major earthquake. The Himalayas has not released the pent-up strain and major earthquakes are overdue.

Act now !!! Inquire whether your kid's school in northern South Asia (Himalayas and Himalayan foreland - for example, Lahore, Delhi, Kathmandu, Lucknow) has been retrofitted for earthquake risk. At least blogging should be worth something - make noise. Rules without enforcement mean jack. Afghanis, Bangladeshis, Indians, Pakistanis, Nepalis - everyone.

Schools are an excellent place to start.

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