The cost of being a zealot

247727.jpgSometimes, the religious zeal destroys even the most basic relationship between mother and son. Khamosh Pani/ Silent Waters by Sabiha Sumar is a story of a single mother and her teenager son in Pakistan at the time of Zia-ul-Haq's rule in around 1979 and rise of Islamist undercurrent that still looms large in South-Central Asia.

Without me giving away the story - I would encourage every one to watch the movie (also available through Netflix). A Pakistani-French-German movie also has actors from India too tells a sad tale about human tragedy that ensued India-Pakistan formation and rise of religious fundamentalism in Indian subcontinent. Dialogues are in Punjabi-Urdu but has excellent English subtitles and acting. The simplicity of the movie with allow somebody with little or knowledge about history and dynamics of the continent to understand the message and the story.

Excerpts from a reviewer @ Amazon site:

This is undoubtedly one of the most important films of to come out of Pakistan. The film which is set in a small village in Punjab is shaped by the political context of General Zia 's military coup which overthrow Pakistan's elected prime minister Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. Zia used "Islamic"ideology to justify his rule. There are two parallel but interrelated stories in this movie . On the one hand it is the story about a young village boy (Saleem) and how he gets involved with political Islamists from the city. One the other hand it is about the thousands of Sikh, Muslim and Hindu women (represented in the character of Salems mother Ayesha)who were either killed or left behind on the wrong sider of the border at partition. [Link]

Originally, I came to know about this movie through a review at Desicritics. Please read their review too.