Me, Me, Me (55 Word Fiction)

At Bhatia ka dhaba outside IIT Roorkee, 6 AM January.

Hari: “Hey Dablo, double bun omelette. Satish, your GRE?”
Satish: “750, 790, 790”
Hari: “Man, Harvard and Kaavya. Isn’t she your caste?”

Dablo is quietly wiping my table clean.
Me: “Do you even go to school?”
Dablo smiles: “Kismet
Bhatia: “Hey Dablo, Jaldi. Hazaar customers.”

Inspiration: The Mercy Edition @ Sepia Mutiny
Also, cross-posted @ Desicritics 



Dhaba = Cafe

Kismet = Destiny

Jaldi = Hurry up

Hazaar = Thousand