The Malls, Rang de Basanti, and Power outage (Bhasad Part- III)

Today, I was in one of the high end malls of Delhi. The level of activity is an order of magnitude more than one sees in American malls. I guess the new Indian buyer is very restless and is being serviced with huge army of staff attendants and inventory staff running around frantically.

The malls here are more cultural outing involving all rather than teenagers only in America (mall rats) even one finds the similar amorous couples around. Truly, capitalism is being unleashed in India. You can sense it in the air.

Later in the afternoon, I was watching Rang de Basanti , a recent mega hit from Bollywood which is part quite honest, part quite touching, part quite corny but still heartfelt. During the DVD viewing, we had at least dozen power outages and generator kicking in. I guess this tells the reality of India too - incredibly fragile infrastructure and the real challenge ahead - the power.

Power or no power - mango rules nevertheless. The scorching heat of Delhi is worth it. Maybe, I should check out the movie  "The Da Vinci Code"  in the theater with all special notes added by the Indian censors and some states within India even banning the movie.