Help Bangladesh

 From International Herald Tribune

"Pledges of international aid to help rebuild cyclone-ravaged Bangladesh rose sharply Wednesday, but continuing shortages of food at crowded relief camps triggered fist fights among survivors.

The government said it had promises of US$390 million (€263 million) in international aid, much of it from a US$250 million (€170 million) pledge from the World Bank.

But aid workers in remote villages struggled to get desperately needed basic goods such as rice, clean drinking water and tents to survivors of last Thursday's storm, which killed more than 3,100 people and left tens of thousands homeless.

In Tafalbari, a dusty village of crushed tin huts and flooded fields, violence broke out outside a relief center as desperate villagers fought each other after hours of waiting fruitlessly for aid.

Several thousand people surrounded a small relief station set up by a local aid agency that was forced to shut its gates, admitting just a few people at a time."


Help. Mercy Corp is one possible charity.