India unzipped - My name is Anthony Gonsalves

On December, 18th evening, I am standing at the immigration line at Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, India. More well lit and lines moving faster than 2006, I am fairly pleased. I move to the red line to waiting for the immigration officer to call me, and suddenly, a family of four zips past me with an airport employee bypassing the line, and get their passports checked before me. I laugh, and turn around in befuddlement for breaking the line. The guy standing behind me says, “Welcome, Home”. I just smile. What else can I do?

With India bursting to its seams with consumerism in swanky malls, in the process being turned upside down with the second largest growth rate in the world, an emerging MTV-like generation in India, and still being beset with an extremely fragile infrastructure*, the divide between rich and poor ever widening, and the general chaos that comes with being an extremely crowded country – I will present you in the coming weeks of pictures and short movies through my blog, flickr, and facebook account, I took here in my two week stay here (12/18-01/01), through my eyes.

Pictures will always speak more than pedantic words. One thing these pictures will show the sense of optimism that seams to be infectious in India, inspite of all the hiccups, poverty, dust, power cuts, and the open trash. Also, maybe, somebody should get me introduced to Amrita Rao. I can only dream – millions on the footpath in India do that. My name is Anthony Gonsalves.



*My home in Roorkee, inspite of fast internet connection was completely down for nearly a week. The neighborhood where my parents live does have a wireless connection but the service provider could not provide a modem for wireless for months when we had requested.