Bhatia ji

Bhatia ji

Every university and college around the world always has number of places within their vicinity - that become friendly hub for students there, and has profound effect on the daily life of young students, and might also color their view of life afterwards.

IIT Roorkee campus has Bhatia ji. Bhatia runs an almost 24 hour dhaba (Hindi for cafe) at the gates of the institute. Be 6:00 AM in the morning, you can get your chai and bun omelette.

Bhatia ji here taking a quiet moment between his almost 24 X 7 business. He is a living institution.

I once used his dhaba setting for a 55 flash fiction: Me, Me, Me

PS: Cornell University has "Hot Truck Bob", Chapter House; Louisiana State University has Chimes, Highland Coffee; Oregon State University has Beanery........What did your school had/ has? Leave your answer with possibly a link to a picture.