This week, you should have been in America

Yesterday, I was on train from Delhi to Roorkee. Roorkee is a campus town in northern India, and is my hometown.

Next to me on the train was a retired military officer sitting, now a consultant.

He asked, "Why are you here in India this week? You should have been in US, where there is a historic moment being created."

I smiled, "I will be glued to TV next few days - watching Obama's inauguration on CNN, and BBC".

Please help

Please help

Two mornings after Hurricane Ike, I am doing photography in my neighborhood in northwest Houston. I see a woman carrying a pet rabbit.

 I ask whether I can take her picture with her pet rabbit.

She lets me take her rabbit's picture but not hers.

 I respectfully concur.

She tells me, "I do not have any money left, and no food". "I will give you money", as I reach for my wallet. "No, I do not need money. I am right now going to the church where they are giving food".

Please help, as lot of people are hurting due to Hurricane Ike.

Cassidy on the road

CIMG4351.JPGCassidy is taking a cross-country road trip from Corvallis, Oregon to Houston, Texas. She is traveling with a professional animal transport company. Her companions are horses, a german shepherd, and the owners of the company - human beings.

She seems to be enjoying it.