All Alone (55 Word Flash Fiction)

Late evening, ICU units, Houston, September 2009.

Are you all alone?” 

No, I just stepped out. I am visiting a relative next unit.” 

Do you want to watch Monday Night Football?” 

I step into an ICU room, a smiling man.

Thought you’d give me company. I am alone. My girlfriend has not even visited once.”


It took me four years to write again 55 words of flash fiction (or maybe, partial fiction).  More on flash fiction.

Please help

Please help

Two mornings after Hurricane Ike, I am doing photography in my neighborhood in northwest Houston. I see a woman carrying a pet rabbit.

 I ask whether I can take her picture with her pet rabbit.

She lets me take her rabbit's picture but not hers.

 I respectfully concur.

She tells me, "I do not have any money left, and no food". "I will give you money", as I reach for my wallet. "No, I do not need money. I am right now going to the church where they are giving food".

Please help, as lot of people are hurting due to Hurricane Ike.

Bachna Ae Haseeno - Monsoon Ha

I am back in India, and this time, my photoseries (daily diary) will concentrate on monsoons. Monsoons are an amazing force of nature with no parallel that carries the power to break the scorching heat spell during the summer in the Indian subcontinent, and rejuvenates all life forms.


IIT Roorkee campus

IIT Roorkee campus - 2

IIT Roorkee, once University of Roorkee, and before that Thomason College is perhaps the prettiest campus in India, something like Cornell University campus in Ithaca for North America. It is a quiet, green oasis that is about 150 years old. Its history spans training engineers for canal building in India, sappers for Indian military for many wars (British India and later independent India), for huge dam making projects immediately after the independence, and now with India's economy opening up.


PS: I have also opened an IIT, Roorkee group on flickr.


Tiger - 2

Tiger, a German Shepherd lives with my parents in Roorkee, India. He is a very intelligent living being, and knows everything.

Cassidy on the road

CIMG4351.JPGCassidy is taking a cross-country road trip from Corvallis, Oregon to Houston, Texas. She is traveling with a professional animal transport company. Her companions are horses, a german shepherd, and the owners of the company - human beings.

She seems to be enjoying it. 

This ain't no MacDonald

This ain't no MacDonalds

Dhabas are rustic places to eat, a roadside cafe for everyone in India. Perhaps, more close to the heart of majority of India for dining out or a quick bite.

Notice the cooking-gas cylinders for home delivery on the left.

This ain't no MacDonald but tastier. Dhabas are not swanky places one would find in New Delhi or NYC. They are also not for faint "vestern" stomach.

The counter for this dhaba says "Pure Vaishava*** (Hindu stream/ thought/ school/ style) Punjabi Dhaba" in devanagari.

*** They are referring to ingredients and style of cooking, something akin to kosher cooking.